Arts Tax Laws Advocacy

Michael believes Australian society is enriched by having a vibrant cultural sector.

Taxation matters to artists, musicians, actors, writers and creative professionals throughout their careers. Patrons, supporters and collectors also benefit from incentives that enable them to contribute to their favourite causes.

This is why Michael has fought for fairer taxation and superannuation policies for the arts. His advocacy and expertise has been featured prominently in the media:

• Penelope Benton, “Taxing Prize Money”, National Association for Visual artists, July 31 2017

• Michaela Boland, “Investment: art market painted into a corner”, The Australian, June 20 2016

• Andrew Taylor, “The art of retirement just got depressing with tax rules on collections", The Age, June 4 2014

• Sally Patten, “SMSF art rules should be delayed, says valuer", The Australian Financial Review, March 24 2014

• Michaela Boland, “Art loses its appeal to super funds”, The Australian, October 17 2013

• Sally Patten, “Art is hung drawn and quartered", The Australian Financial Review, February 18 2011

Michael has been featured as an expert guest on Eon Financial Group's podcast about Art Collecting and Art Investment